Social Media Team- Venn Diagram

(SMD 102)

The following Venn diagram identifies the structure of a 5 member social media team for organizations such as: government, non-profits and for profits. venn diag 102


The main difference between these teams is determined by their own strategic objectives and their mission statements. For this reason specialized personal will be part of these teams and will not share similarities with other organizations. For example a for-profit will have business unit liaison responsible to tie social media actions with corporate objectives; a government should have a legal or policy specialist to assure government policy and social media actions are align. A non-profit should have a cause specialist to align the cause objectives and values with social media actions.

In a core element all organizations have 2 positions in common such as a social media manager and a social analyst, both members need to understand the key insights and manage the execution of a social media strategy.


Social Media Management Tools : Hootsuite vs Social Sprout







Social media has found its way into the business world; as individuals and organizations engage in different social media platforms creating massive information and huge market places. In business there is a saying “what you cannot measure you cant manage”. In order to manage social media I will talk about two social media management companies that have developed social media dashboards that allow the integration of a variety of social media platforms.

Hootsuite, a Canadian based company born in Vancouver and Sprout Social an American company based from Chicago will be compared in the features of publishing capabilities, reporting and cost.

Publishing Capabilities

Both tools allow integrating a series of social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedIn to mention a few into your management efforts. Hootsuite and sprout social allow posting and scheduled posting across multiple platforms at once, maintaining consistency in your communication efforts.   The main difference is their visual display as Hootsuite offers a multi-column while sprout is a single column display. A single column generates less flexibility when it comes to monitoring various streams or platforms at once. For monitoring purposes Hootsuite’s visual presentation shows a complete vision of your social media platforms in real time.


Their reporting capabilities from both tools offer a variety measurements and criteria to monitor your objectives. Elements such as engagement, community growth, sentiment can be measured and tracked. The information can be exported as reports with a similar visual representation of an infographic. Hootsuite allows a build it yourself feature to have customized reports as well. The visuals in Social Sprout reporting systems are more appealing than Hootsuites and offers are more in to depth-analysis. The numbers of reports is unlimited while Hooutsuite is bases on point system that limits the number of reports to be exported.


As marketer concern on the ROI of your actions, Hootsuite and sprout social offer a free demo wit limited capabilities.

The paid version of Hootsuite is a fee of 8.99 per month allowing advanced scheduling messages, unlimited profiles, and consumable points for analytic reports. The paid version allows multiple accounts to be managed and have multiple team members interacting within one dashboard. Hootsuite has even a larger version, for large companies, allowing a total of 500k team member, impressive for a company that might have that number of people working on social media.

In the case of Social Sprout, the platform offers three levels of service or capacity: a Standard Plan for $39/month for 10 profiles, Deluxe $59/month for 20 profiles and Premium $99/month for 50 profiles. As the price of the level purchases is higher, the number of profiles and features offered also increases for example: training and support.

So head to head Hootsuite and Social Sprout are two very powerful social media management tools; but based on my experience and personal use I am more comfortable using Hootsuite for the moment. Go ahead try them both on their free trial and you decide which one fits best for you and your social media efforts.

Until next time…see you then…

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Content is King and the King can’t be boring!

content blog


So we have heard the expression “Content is King”, when it comes to social media, content has great responsibility in leveraging engagement in order to reach your objectives. But how and what type of content should an organization post? This is when a well-defined content strategy will come into play.

The key characteristic is content cannot be boring, yes it might be king, but the king must be respected, influential and engaging. Remember today in social media content is considered as currency and currency should be traded, exchanged or share in order to amplify the reach of the message.

For the three types of organization to be discussed such as non-profits, government and private sectors, three main differences in a content strategy are: The audience, the type and the distribution.


It’s imperative to determine the target audience for each one, for example: Non-profits might target donors; these donors must share the same values for a cause as the non-profit stands for. A governments audience can be defined as a group individual subjected to a government’s policy and laws. For a for profit organization a target segment of customers matching a specific demographic and existing customers would be considered as their audience.  A sole individual can be classified into one of these different audiences, and as a result the type of information or content developed by each organization will differ.


It is common that social media content is coded in the form of images, microblogs, blogs and videos, but each one should response to a different strategy and purpose.  Content can be original, co-created, curated (organized), aggregated, licensed or user generated.

The purpose of content should be to inform, persuade, validate, instruct and entertainment. Both form and purpose are important in a content development strategy. Governments generally use microtargeting strategy to inform and instruct new laws, policies, position on national security or government economic results. For a non-profit a storytelling strategy is common as they seek to generate an emotional connection with their cause and persuade their audience to join the cause and donate in support of. A for profit organization the main objective is to engage customers and prospective customers, informing about their product and service. For this reason their strategy focuses into generating conversions/sales and maintaining positive sentiment levels through adequate customer service.

content blog 2

The type of content will help define as well the type of platforms to use in the social media atmosphere. Even though the top three social media platforms (twitter/facebook/Google+) support the majority of the forms of content, a series of specialized platforms such as instagram and pinterest are growing in popularity as audiences are engaged through image form.


Once the audience, type of content and platforms are defined, it’s time to deploy and distribute the content into the social media atmosphere. The forms of distribution are known as paid media, owned and earned media. It is in the organizations best interest depending on their communications budget and objectives to define the type of distribution to use. For profit organizations in general it is common to use paid media as part of their advertising efforts. In the case of government may use owned media as it can be showcase their communication by their own official webpages, facebook pages and blogs. Earned media could be a distribution channel for non-profits as 3rd parties and influencer might share the cause and amplify the message.

No matter what type of organization is represented, the quality of content will determined its own share ability. At the end sharing is the core element in social media resulting in engagement and fulfillment of an organization’s communication objectives.

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Asking yourself how to engage people on social media? Here are 6 words for you with the acronym: S-O-C-I-A-L


We live in a fast paced world, and businesses are phasing rapid changes in their marketing strategies as social media has become a key player in their plans. Today many managers entering the social media atmosphere with a brand or company might wonder: How to engage people on social media?

To answer this question here are 6 words to help you engage with an audience

social - blog 2 jacobS = Strategize, Define a Strategy where you identify the target market your company wants to communicate with and create a community, determine objectives and tactics that will drive you into providing value to your community. Leverage your strengths, work or your weaknesses and explore your opportunities.

O= Organize, relevant information that is of interest to your audience and comment. Use curating tools such as stumbleupon, storify or reddit to name a few, to obtain information form the internet and other social media platforms that will allow your company to generate not only brand awareness but it also helps to start a conversation on a related topic.

C=Content, develop engaging marketing material for your community. Depending if you are in a B2B or B2C space the type of content might vary. Visual communications are recommended as they are most effective, since humans respond faster to images than text. Visual communications can be presented in in the form of images or videos.

I= Innovate, be different and fresh but always sincere in your communication. This will allow you to continually generate new opportunities of engagement with your community.

A= Ask and Amplify, The best way to start a conversation and engage people is by asking questions, so go ahead ask questions. Be ready to reply to your community, maintain and track these conversations as it will become a source of insights on your community needs and wants. Amplify, always use tools and platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to amplify your message; look for possible brand ambassadors or industry leaders that participate in social media and collaborate.

L=Listen, A conversation takes at least two and it is a two way street. Listen to your community, again listen to your community before jumping into a conversation, and remember don’t be impersonal.  Use social media management tools to recollect information and conversations around your brand or company. At the end people might be talking about you even if you are in or out of the conversation.


Engaging in Social Media is not a scary thing, but it is a serious thing when it comes to personal or business brands. Social Media must respond to a business plan, with a crisis management backup plan; but at the end remember the best way to engage in social media; just be S-O-C-I-A-L .

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Podcast – Cristiano Ronaldo’s Social Media Influence, Klout vs. Kred

Podcast Portada

Hi and welcome to this podcast where I will be discussing social media influence based on Klout and Kred scores. I will be talking about Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer phenomenon that has taken brands and social media to the next level.

So join me in discussing the following questions: For a soccer player, is social media influence determined by the scores on the field or the scores on Klout or Kred? Also find out which score is better and why? And as a marketer should you take business decisions based on a Klout or Kred score?

Thanks for joining. So let’s begin.





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Want to get you brand visualized? Well, get visual.

SenecaSome: SMD105

Since the beginning of time nomad tribes in the world have communicated their history, activities and beliefs through visual communications. Today this form of art is known as rock painting or cave painting.

Pic3 blog visuals

But why after thousands of years we are still communicating with visuals. Well, Albert Mehrabian demonstrated that 93% of all human communication is performed in a nonverbal way. His studies also revealed that the brain is able to decipher visual elements (images) faster.  For this reason we are able to understand an image faster than words.

Actually the act of reading is now known that the brain reads words and not letters, if you don’t believe read the following paragraph taken from:


“I cnduo’t bvleiee taht I culod aulaclty uesdtannrd waht I was rdnaieg. Unisg the icndeblire pweor of the hmuan mnid, aocdcrnig to rseecrah at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno’t mttaer in waht oderr the lterets in a wrod are, the olny irpoamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rhgit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whoutit a pboerlm. Tihs is bucseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey ltteer by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Aaznmig, huh? Yaeh and I awlyas tghhuot slelinpg was ipmorantt! See if yuor fdreins can raed tihs too.”

So why is visual communications important for a marketer? As technology continues to innovate, media platforms continue to sprout and human live faster lives with lower levels of attention, marketer must need to be keen in getting a message across with a perfect flow in the communication process (message development, design, delivery and feedback).

Now attention span is limited to a window opportunity of a few seconds to get some ones attention. Images do the work.

Pic2 blog visuals

Digital Marketing and Social Media has taken this insight and incorporated to the point that the fastest growing platforms are based on visual communications, such as youtube, vine, pinterest, instagram. These tools are so powerful social media giants such as google, facebook and twitter are integrating them into their spaces. And so with this integration process marketers are using their potential by creating fantastic integrated marketing visual campaigns to deploy their message even in videos as short as 6 seconds like the case of Vine. Sure 140 characters can be powerful but an image is even more powerful.

Pic1 blog visuals

This has continued to shine a light on digital visual professionals as they continue to ramp up their skills, since now photographic and video technology  are available on a smartphone, it has come to a point where anyone can shot a video or photo session. For this reason creative “outside the box” thinking and insightful information from analytics for example are important elements to be used  to develop a message that holds the same look, tone and feel throughout all the media platforms.

Visuals are powerful, and they say more than words, so remember to use visuals and even mix them with text to give context if needed in your next integrated digital marketing campaign.

See you next time with more on social media marketing.




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Summary from Hootsuite University


As social media has grown more and more people are participating in conversations and engaging in multiple social platforms; for individuals and companies it has become more difficult to manage, participate and keep up with your friends, followers, or circles to say a few. For this reason a Canadian company such as Hootsuite has developed one of the most complete social media management dashboards in the market. Based out of Vancouver the company has grown and recently secured a 165 million dollar private investment to boost their growth.


In addition to social media management as if, one of the most value added services offered by the company is Hootsuite University. This feature allows professional to become self-taught trained professional in the use of the software. Hootsuite’s University content consists mainly on tutorial videos and exams. I will discuss in this write up the features and elements presented in 3 of the videos on Hootsuite University

Video 1

Advance Monitoring (Social Listening)

Hootsuite allows managing various social media platforms from a single dashboard, in the case of motoring conversations on twitter it allows to create streams of information where you can monitor your home feed, mentions, direct messages, sent tweets, etc. Another key feature it allows to create streams based on a hashtag or a series of keywords, tracking easily the messages related to important elements for a company such as hashtag campaign or mentions. Images can also be streamed into specific categories within the dashboard for easy access of visuals regarding your brand and community. Social listening is a key element within a social media strategy, for this reason segmenting and organizing information is critical to obtain insights and covert them into strategic actions.

Video 2


As a second key element in social media strategy, engagement is a must. Hootsuite allows you to communicate a consistent message across all your social media platforms. This increases efficiency since the message will be posted one time within all the connected platforms. A message can be in the form of video, images, article or 140 characters. Hootsuite offers a link shrink feature in order to optimize your communication with twitter, since your message cannot waste character space with long URLs. Remember content is king when comes to engaging with your community and is your responsibility the quality of it holds up to your community standards in order to obtain the traction and incremental engagement need to grow your brand/business.

Video 3

Analytics (Measurement)

In order to manage you need to measure. Objectives are met based on results and results are shown after measurement. Hootsuite not only integrates your social media platforms it also provides an in-depth analytic section that allows the user to track, compare and analyze results from their communication strategies. A series of custom made reports can be generated showing the key metrics that respond to organizations objectives. For example you can track the number of followers, replies and conversations about a product or campaign. Obtain data on keywords, hashtags and sentiment towards your brand of business. Analytics will provide a wide range of results that will demonstrate if the defined objectives are achieved. Actions based on results will empower your strategy to move forward and outperform your competitors.

All of the above are features provided by Hootsuite serving as a key tool to execute and monitor your social media strategy.